Dawn Hancock

Dawn Hancock, is the CEO of mīpoh (my pursuit of happiness) and accomplished Business Executive with a remarkable track record of success at some of the world’s leading companies, including Gartner, Oracle, and Mass Mutual. With over two decades of experience in business relationship management, Dawn has consistently driven exceptional results, helping companies achieve their business goals through innovative strategies and transformative leadership.

Personal Journey and Transformation: Dawn’s professional achievements are paralleled by her profound personal journey. She has navigated some of life’s most devastating challenges, using these experiences as catalysts for growth and transformation. A life-long learner, she has invested countless hours and resources in research and training in the areas of mind science, human potential and mental transformation. Her journey through adversity has not only fortified her resolve but also inspired her to dedicate her life to helping others overcome their own obstacles and maximize their potential for success and

happiness in life. Dawn leverages her personal and professional experiences to empower individuals and organizations, fostering environments where employees can thrive both personally and professionally.

Empowerment and Organizational Transformation: Dawn’s mission is to build bridges for others to cross the turbulent waters of challenge they face every day. She works closely with organizations to implement programs that enhance mental well-being, foster positive workplace cultures, and drive productivity. Her approach is holistic, focusing on the interplay between personal fulfillment and professional success. By empowering employees to live happier, more balanced lives, Dawn helps organizations unlock their full potential. Her methodologies have proven effective in enhancing employee engagement, reducing stress, and increasing overall performance, leading to sustained business success and profitability.

Conclusion: Dawn Hancock is more than just a successful executive; she is a beacon of resilience and a champion for mental well-being in the corporate world. Her unique blend of professional expertise and personal insight equips her to drive meaningful change in any organization she partners with. Through her leadership, she continues to inspire and empower others, creating a ripple effect of positivity and productivity in the workplace.