Noell Grant

Noell Grant is the COO of MĪPOH, bringing with her experience transforming relationships between people of diversified backgrounds both culturally and socioeconomically.  During her twenty one years of service as a Police Officer in Santa Monica she was an expert in building bridges of understanding, cooperation and collaboration.  In November of 2019, she was presented with the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce Inspirational Police Hero Award. 

Noell has decades of experience developing solutions to seemingly impossible challenges. Her ability to quickly assess and diagnose breakdowns in communication and performance is invaluable to the process of developing solutions that not only work – but work fast.  She has faced enormous adversity and life altering situations that challenged and fortified her path of self-discovery in her personal pursuit of happiness.  Noell’s belief is that everyone has a right to be happy and she is dedicated to help them on their journey.   

In her free time, Noell enjoys adventure, traveling and action! 

In her free time, Noell enjoys adventure, traveling and action!  She is an advocate for diverse cultural experiences and a proponent of action based activities.  Noell has a deep passion for   fostering possibility and relationship cohesiveness via innovative workplace experiences designed to encourage and reinforce a sense of belonging and community at work.

Noell, is enthusiastic about the impact MīPOH will have supporting organizations who care about their employees – not just their bottom line.  As an athlete, she understands that peak  performance is displayed when the working environment is intentional about supporting wellness both mentally and physically.  When this occurs employees are happier, healthier, more productive and can deliver peak performance at work.  

Every workplace can be a place where remarkable experiences and peak productivity, go hand in hand.” – Noell Grant